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Gianprem Kaur

What does the name GLOW signify and mean?

GLOW is Goddess Love Orgasmic and Wise.
It is a course in sacred nourishment for the awakening woman.


What did the Goddess eat?

Ambrosia and Nectar.


Why is "dieting" ineffective or unhealthy?

Dieting often creates a sense of scarcity in the psyche. It's actually not a bad word, (though it does have die in it) the root means "way of living" In our time it is has translated to suppressing our appetite and controlling our body weight when, really, how we eat is and always will be a way of life. Because it's what connects us to all life. The divine feminine age we are entering is about union. When we begin to eat like it is a way of life we see how connected we are to all life and when we connect, all prosper and heal.


In what ways can a person's eating habits foster a daily practice of self-love and nurturing?

What we need most is to follow our appetite, gain wisdom from our yearnings, fall in love with our body.


How can one stay the path to transform one's eating rituals? What determines the length of that journey?

GLOW is a deeply regenerative and sustaining practice of health that is in harmony with Mother Earth. Our cycles are what connect us to the cosmos. Deepening self love and self mastery as a woman comes when we chart our 11 moon centers. This is next level awakening of feminine consciousness. We start right away with this practice in our first call. This was a sacred teaching given to us by the master of Kundalini yoga and meditation, Yogi Bhajan.


Can you pares out the relationship between sprituality, food and the earth? How are they all connected?

When we eat we should always be in a state of gratitude.

Connection. Stay connected to your food. Just like you may have a practice that helps you center, connect and come to stillness when you eat.

When you eat listen and let your food speak to you. There is a story to be told. The whispers from the seas or high mountain peaks, fields and farmers hands let them speak to you and evoke another time and place. When you knew what to eat because you knew it from seed.

This journey is a collective endeavor and it takes all of our participation. That determines how long it will take.

The relationship is that they are one. Each seeking to be in union.


Who are your heroes, muses, spiritual guides, and teachers?

My heroes? So many... Farmers. Growing food is such a labor of love, it requires devotion.
My muses ...the flowers.
Teacher...Yogi Bhajan.
The teachings of Kundalini Yoga are a sacred, beautiful, transformative way of life.


What re your favorite recipes and ingredients?

Golden Milk is one of my favorite recipes (from Yogi Bhajan). There is an perfect alchemy of GLOW. It's one of the recipes we learn. I love everything that reminds us that our food is really a flower ...lavender and honey, edible flowers always make my heart glow. Beauty from the garden I collected today: hyssop, rosemary, basil and calendula flowers sprinkled on millet bread with ghee and honey.