Images by Katheryn Love

What image best describes you when you wake up in the morning?

My Mother.

If you could represent your most recent collection as a sound or song, what would it be?

What is your most favorite smell?

Sliced Texas Rio Red grapefruit.


In what ways do you feel like Houston is still a part of you, here in New York?


Believing in warmth as principle.

Can you trace your interest in textiles to any of your childhood experiences or interests?

Definitely. My whole family is pretty creative, especially my Dad and his side of the family. He was an inventor & his brother is a neurologist. My mother's mother was a painter and collected textiles. She wore crazy patterned jumpsuits that she made for herself to places like the grocery store. My sister Katy Lucy is also a textile designer...

Walk us through your mixtape! You were very intentional about the order-- what sonic journey have you prepared for your listeners?

Music is so amazing because it boils so many memories together down to a few seconds, I'm not sure any of us fully understand that, like it has to do with aliens or god or something. But I guess this mix is about befriending death. It's really just my vibe right now. I know that sounds dark, but it's actually quite positive. I participated in a live burial ceremony the other night lead by Frank Haines at this Art Mage experiment my friends put together in Woodstock where we one by one got buried under ground for a little while & it was pretty revealing... It's hard to pinpoint music, why I like certain songs, I like all kinds of music. I love listening to shitty radio stations upstate or just letting music happen to me instead of seeking it out, but I do feel like these songs all have a similar raw beautiful sort of sad vibe to them which I love.


What is inspiring you right now? 

Carlos Cruz

Carlos Cruz

Helio Oiteca

Helio Oiteca







Sonia Delaunay 

Sonia Delaunay 

What projects are you currently working on?



Favorite bubblegum flavor:

Cinnamon Trident


5 Magical Places:

     1. Providence, Rhode Island

     2. Menil Collection in Houston, TX

     3. Oswald West, Oregon

     4. Xochicalco, Mexico

     5. North rim of the Grand Canyon


What's your sign sun and your moon sign?

Pisces Sun, Moon in Aries, Gemini Rising 


Last dream you remember?

Rufus Shlinky dressed as a tree in our back yard.


Last time you cried?

Last night watching Jerry Maguire. 


You believe in ___ ...



What was your favorite film at ages 5, 10 and at 15

Peau d'ane, Peau d'ane, Peau d'ane


Recent Adventure?

Snuck into an abandoned quarry outside of Hudson, NY.

When you die ____

I will be ready.

Favorite breed of dog ?

Afghan Hound.

In 5 years you will be _____



Favorite body part?

Behind the neck.


Favorite psychedelic experience?

I don’t do drugs, I am drugs.


Favorite plant?

Mimosa pudica