Favorite DJs? This is a hard one, I have many different Dj's that I love for different reasons. I enjoy Jazzy Jeff, Nguzunguzu, A-Trak, Melo-X, the list goes on.


Favorite NY venues to listen to new music? I usually find new music on my computer in my room.


Where does your DJ name come from? My family and close freinds call me Cash. We added Kitty for the extra umph! It was my friends Melo- X, Saint, and Kilo Kish.


Dream collaborator, living or dead. The Dream, Janet Jackson, Kanye West.


What do visuals add to your music? Visuals add a new perspective and life to the songs...you are able to put a visual story to the sound...it just ties everything together.


Favorite color: Purple.


Favorite smell: Vanilla&Jasmine.


First kiss: Magical.


Astrological sign: Capricorn.


What you look for in a crush: Humor, spontaneity, shyness.


Dream vacation: Ibiza & Africa.


Favorite vacation: Italy & Trinidad.


Favorite artwork:  "Fireflies on the water" by Yayoi Kusama.


Favorite architect/building: Doors of Ghiberti.


Favorite piece of clothing ever: Anything sheer or lace in my closet.


Favorite gemstone/crystal: I carry around a rose quartz everyday.


In the future there will be (finish sentence)...: a woman as president.


Favorite state of mind (can be more than one): Inspired, Grateful, Motivated, Humble, Willing, Open.


Favorite mood (can be more than one): Peaceful, Jovial, Indescribable, Silly, Loving, Nurturing, Free-Spirited.


Favorite animal: Peacock.


What is Beauty?: This is a very layered question that I could talk about endlessly, but to keep it simple I would say beauty comes from within. Most of the people that I can actually call beautiful, I see them as colorless individuals. I call them beautiful beacuse of their spirit (their energy, their heart) not because of their exteriors (physical attraction).


Favorite flower: Tiger lily.


Favorite cartoon movie: Ferngully.


Favorite gift from a Friend: Odd Future donut case; I ended up using it everyday haha...


Favorite thing to buy: An amazing pair of shoes.


Favorite lip balm: Fresh.


Favorite body part: Lips.


Favorite secret place: There is a cul de sac not  far from my house. You can see the train if you look through the metal gate...it is my favorite getaway...I sit there and write poems and think...I have been going there since I was 14.


Favorite moments: Sittiing on my bed with my younger siblings talking about everything under the sun.