Poem by Heather Goldien

Heather Goldien is a poet, artist, and musician based in New York City.






Poem by Hannah Buonaguro 

Hannah Buonaguro is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn. She recently published a book of poetry titled "time that does not tick."

















The fruit
of her womb
would not wait
to grow
For worlds
of hunger
with histories
starved swallow
Larger than a pistol
It grew & grew
Into thy womb each day anew
Feeding the world like rain drop due


leave it to us
to appear where we're not.
to encircle the tones. to
ache like the day.

we thought we'd been born
into some beautiful song.
we learned quickly enough
it could be drowned in the
violence, the struggles, all the time
that moves too fast.

we tried hard to keep up.
we wondered if we were
the music, or if it was all around
us. we decided
it was both.

you try and try, it's hard not
to let go.  work in the details,
tell only truths.  there is room
in this world
for lightness and
breath. we just
may have to push
other things aside.