Summer Never Dies it just Hides — Spring Mix

by Luke Simon // Natural Mystery NYC Mystic. Healer at MahaRose Center for Healing

In the last weeks of winter in NYC I dreamily imagined what Summer sounds like when it migrates up from the Southern hemisphere. Like a pied piper heard from afar, coming muffled through the frozen dirt. Somewhere, under the ground, the energy of Life, Plants, Sex and Fruit was making it’s way back in a cavalcade and would be visible through the signs of Spring.

I started listening to these songs to get my groove back. I had to awaken my Chi (life energy) from hibernation and started to work out and dance around my room in cabin fever. The quiet reflection and austerity of Winter were a blessing, but now is time to invoke the new, forgive, release and create space to herald in what's next.

Spring is a time of lightness and innocence. We can appreciate the essence of pop music, flowers, and simply walking. It’s all just energy, and there’s no need to judge one as more desirable then the other, we are always “here” no matter what the weather. But the seasons of transition feel freeing to me, I love shifting, changing, healing, growing, the process…!